Perforated Sheetmetal

Fielden manufacture a wide range of sheet metal perforations with cluster tooling on our four CNC turret punch presses. One with an auto feeder for non-stop machine running without human intervention to reduce cost, while another includes a laser for cutting complex shapes with punched holes on the same set-up, also increasing production efficiencies. Thicknesses of up to 8mm mild steel can be processed.

Perforated Metal is widely used for architectural, engineering, agricultural & processing industries. If you are requiring metal mesh for a project, consider perforated metal. You can review our perforated sheet catalogue for some inspiration. Our favourite options are on page 51. Although perforated steel sheet is the most popular, a lot of perforated aluminium sheet is also processed at the factory.

We also operate a coil perforating line for long runs of coil to be decoiled, punched and recoiled. This operation is very efficient for long-run coil aluminium, copper, brass and a range of steels.

You can download a copy of our Perforated Sheetmetal Catalogue down below to see some of the offerings we have.

We also provide a Coil Perforation service as per the Coil Perforation Brochure.