Lexus Dealership

72 Tuam Street

Completed in early 2024, this project comprised significant rain screen panelling to four sides of the building.

The array of interlocking panels have perforations with an open area of 50% that offer ample transparency, whilst providing sufficient shading from the sun for reduced thermal gain into the first and second level floors. These bespoke perforations include the iconic Lexus Spindle shape, with a subtlety that avoids overt branding but still conveys the essence of Lexus.

Designed and built with sustainability in mind, this project provided an excellent opportunity to test our team's engineering skills. It included prototyping and load testing of screen components to ensure their suitability for use. Utilising strategic bracketry and reinforcement in the panels, we minimised material usage while ensuring a durable end result - manufactured with a quick turnaround.

These panels, finished with a Matt Ebony black powder coat from Interpon's D2525 range, have excellent see-through ability with an open area that's well above the 40% threshold for clear visibility. The layered rhombus format used for these panels generates a robust lattice structure, albeit demanding careful design detailing to mitigate the effects of building tolerance variations over the building.


    Miles Group - designed by Warren & Mahoney, constructed by Amalgamated Builders Ltd
    Design Service, Perforated Panel Manufacture