Sheetmetal Cutting & Punching

CNC Turret Punch Press

We have four turret punch presses - A Murata C2000, Murata C5000, Amada EM2510NT & Amada Apelio Punch-Laser. These offer a broad set of capabilities for punching up to 8mm thick steel, stainless steel and aluminium. High volume work is run on the Amada EM2510NT as it has automated sheet handling which allows overall unattended operation and significant production savings. We typically process standard sheets (2438 x 1219 mm), but have the capacity for some larger sizes.

NC Guillotine

We have two sheet guillotines to cover cutting a range of sheetmetal up to 8mm thick. We offer NC cutting precision and both guillotines cut full 2438 mm width.

Power Press

With a range of mechanical power presses ranging in capacity from 30 to 150 Tonnes for both profile punching and forming operations. High quality tooling can beĀ arranged for specific parts to run in these presses. Coupled with automated coil feeding plant, we offer very competitive mass production of plates and brackets.

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