What Our Clients Say

"Yes, we've used other companies before, but they were hopeless in comparison. We just find Fielden's so much easier to deal with. They're a company with that personal touch, which means we get great service from them.

For instance, if we get stuck with a rush order or something, they'll always put themselves out to help us. And if we have a problem, Nigel will come over and have a look - then go back and keep working on it till its right.

They've also got the equipment to produce exactly what we need, and they produce it at a reasonable price. They're always concerned about getting things 100% right. Near enough is never good enough for them."

"They're not the largest manufacturer in town, but they always get things ready for us when we need it.

There are three things every business needs above all else - A good supplier, good quality and good price.

And that's exactly what Fielden's give us - which is why we keep using them"

"We've been using Fielden and Sons for years - mainly because they treat us really well - in fact they spoil us with good service

There are times when we've called and said - 'Nigel, we're in trouble' - and they've always helped us out."

"We've been using Fielden's for many years. There are similar suppliers out there and Fielden's performance is good and their quality is also good. But the main reason we stay with them is because they provide us with 'on-time delivery' - which is crucial for us."

"We've been using Fielden's for almost 10 years now because they do produce exactly what we want.

Their service is really good, we have great communication with them, and their pricing is realistic."