Metalwork kits for making DOC Trap Tunnels

Metal components for a family of trap tunnel designs that house spring traps designed for the Department of Conservation.


We supply metalwork kits and construction advice for six models of DOC trap (DOC 150 single & double, DOC 200 single & double, DOC 250 single & double).

These kits include all of the metal components to build an effective trap tunnel for the applicable sprung predator traps [not included].

DOC 150
Designed to trap predators such as: rats, stoats, & hedgehogs.

Kits available for DOC150 SingleDOC150 Double

DOC 200
Designed to trap predators such as: stoats, rats & hedgehogs

Kits available for DOC200 Single & DOC200 Double

DOC 250
Designed to trap predators such as: stoats, rats, hedgehogs, & ferrets.

Kits available for DOC250 SingleDOC250 Double

These very durable kits are manufactured from Stainless Steel, ensuring a long life trap enclosure - especially in coastal conditions.

As our heavy-duty punched metal grills are included, this ensures traps are both Kea and Weka proof.

Details are available on these kits by contacting

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